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Herzliya Conference


The Annual Herzliya Conference Series

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The Herzliya Conference is Israel‘s primary global policy annual gathering, drawing together Israeli and international participants from the highest levels of government, business, and academia to address pressing national, regional and world strategic issues.(More…)

Previous Conferences 

Previous Conferences

The 13th Conference - 2013

The 12th Conference - 2012

The 11th Conference - 2011

The 10th Conference - 2010

The 9th  Conference - 2009

The 8th  Conference - 2008

The 7th  Conference - 2007

The 6th  Conference - 2006 

The 5th  Conference - 2004 

The 4th  Conference - 2003 

The 3rd  Conference - 2002

The 2nd Conference - 2001

The 1st  Conference - 2000


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